Why I hate English language

A friend of mine asked me, why I hate English so much?

I picked up a random object (a toilet spray) with an English text to demonstrate why.
The text was “Shake can well
I said:

  • each word in this sentence has too many meanings:
    • well can be “healthy”, “a hole sunk into the ground as a source of water” and many other meanings as well;
    • can can be “to be able”, but can be “cylindrical vessel for liquids” or “prison” or even a slang word for buttocks.
    • the word shake also has many meanings.

this demonstrates that any word can mean anything, and every random sentence can have hundreds unrelated meanings.


So this is a tongue with wrong grammar and huge vocabulary, where each word has too any meanings. Altogether, this makes language poorly suited for communication. I refuse to like it.



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