HLSL trick #2

Saving some expensive instruction in shader model 2…
(Trick #1 is described here)

Instead of, e. g.,

float getTotalDiffuse()
 float l1 = getDiffuse(g_light1);
 float l2 = getDiffuse(g_light2);
 float l3 = getDiffuse(g_light3);
 float l4 = getDiffuse(g_light4);
 return l1+l2+l3+l4;


float getTotalDiffuse()
 float4 l = {getDiffuse(g_light1),
 return dot (l, float4(1,1,1,1));

The trick is that sometimes if you want to sum some floats (or vectors), it may be cheaper to use dot product with vector (1, … , 1)


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