three star programmer

There is a nice set of articles on, three star XXX;

It started  from *** in C – as it states, “Being called a ThreeStarProgrammer is usually not a compliment”.

There is a similar concept in PerlThreeStarPerl (I don’t speak Perl enough to understand this…) and  ThreeStarJava (three layers of inner classes).

Probably similar  “rating” can be invented for more languages. For Lisp it could be something like “number of sequential closing brackets” (probably it is only notable when more than ten; just to remind, that nobody knows what whether it stands for Lost in Stupid Parentheses or Language of Insufferable Superfluous Parentheses).

I think I can be rated as 3-star Haskeller as I wrote a sequence of three map.

h15 = 1 : foldl1 merge ( ap (map map (map (*) [2, 3, 5])) [h15])

I believe it is readable; probably it is bad.


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